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Keep it short and simple

To help people find your site, they will need to remember your address and easily enter it into their browser, aim to register the shortest name that your customers and vistors will associate to your website/brand.

Which Domain?

Choose a domain that matches best to your topic, trademark or company name. It is best to register as many domain name extensions as possible to stop others holding a domain you need, the most popular are, .eu, .net and .com, by holding all similar domains you will not lose any traffic to ones not under your control. We offer free domain mapping, so you don’t need a website on each domain, let us point all domains to your main choice for free.

Register your domain now!

It is best to register your domain as soon as possible when you have an idea or possible requirement, otherwise you risk missing out on the perfect domain and getting stuck with one that “”. You do not need a web master or consultant or even a web page, just simply search for your domain and register it yourself. Simples!